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Wheels Rating

All wheels are rated for maximum load and inflation pressure. These ratings must be compatible with the tire ratings. It is dangerous, for example, to mount a tire rated at 3,000 pounds on a wheel rated at 2,000 pounds. If ratings are not marked on the wheel, check with the vehicle manufacturer and the wheel manufacturer for proper identification. Don’t automatically assume that the wheels are suitable for the tires, particularly if you are buying replacement tires. Two other situations require the same careful inspection. One is buying trailer tires and the other is buying radial tires to replace bias ply tires. In both cases, careful matching of tires and wheels can prevent serious issues and add to your RV enjoyment.

Important Tire Care Facts:
  • The most important factors affecting tire ware is balance and alignment. Improper tire matching can also lead to irregular tire wear conditions
Preventing Tire Emergencies
  • Maintain proper inflation pressure
  • Have any sidewall cracking, bulging or feathering inspected by a qualified